Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bright Path

Welcome to Bright Path.  I hope to write about matters spiritual here.  We're a community of eclectics, some pagan, some not, some believers in something, some believers in only what they see, but we are drawn together by a desire to do good, do well and to share our paths as we travel them.  We all have children and we are all concerned with raising our children to responsible, creative, thinking members of society.  
We all recognize that community is necessary for raising our children to be good people. Community is necessary to keep ourselves sane!  Each of us travels our own path but sharing the tale of the journey makes the trip easier somehow.  We all learn from one another.  
I hope you'll check in here now and again.  I'll post at least once a week, more if the muse moves me, and I hope our paths cross now and again.  
Walk in the light.